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 Climate Change Directorate

This dataset provides a direct internet link to RMI data hosted on the GBIF records.

The direct link to the RMI data on the Micronesia Challenge website.

Bird data recorded on the BirdLife International Portal

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

This dataset contains resources that link to Online Marshallese-English Dictionaries.

 Climate Change Directorate

Regional framework to assess the regional monitoring indicators that measure the status of managed conservation areas set aside under the Micronesia Challenge. The tool allows you to see the monitoring progress and learn more about the monitoring data collected across the region.

 Climate Change Directorate

harvesting fresh water using minimal urban technologies in Ailuk

 Climate Change Directorate

direct internet link to data related to bird species of RMI on the BirdLife International portal

Provides a link to all species occurrences on GBIF.

Link to the Global Biodiversity datasets for Marshall Islands, hosted on GBIF.

Marshallese-English dictionary at Marshallese.org

The Marshallese-English Online Dictionary (MOD) is a revised and expanded electronic edition of the Marshallese-English Dictionary (MED below), developed in 2009.

Naan Marshallese-English Dictionary last updated in 2013 and contains a user manual on the website.