Marine Species Richness Raw Data - AquaMaps

CSV file containing species richness values and mapping parameters for marine species (with a probability of occurrence > 0.5) derived from AquaMaps. A total of 33,512 species were used in the generation of this file.
Coordinate system is WGS84 (ESPG 4326) with coordinates expressed in longitude and latitude.

Fields in this file are:
C-Square Code: unique identifier for grid
Longitude: longitude in decimal degrees
Latitude: latitude in decimal degrees
Species Count: number of species modeled at given point

Citation: Global Species Richness Map for All Marine Species. version 10/2019 (accessed 31 Aug. 2020).

Please cite AquaMaps itself as: Kaschner, K., K. Kesner-Reyes, C. Garilao, J. Segschneider, J. Rius-Barile, T. Rees, and R. Froese. 2019. AquaMaps: Predicted range maps for aquatic species. World Wide Web electronic publication,, version 10/2019 (final).

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