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25 June 2021 | dataset

Chronological account of the Relocation and Resettlement; 1946 - 1990

a timeline of events relating to the human impacts of the nuclear tests : relocation and resettlement
over the years from 1946- 1990.

Data and Resource

Timeline of the Relocation and Resettlement due to Nuclear Tests

a presentation of the timeline of events…

Field Value
Publisher Marshall Islands National Nuclear Commission
Modified 15 February 2022
Release Date 25 June 2021
Source URL or
Identifier 87e1f93f-b00b-40b2-a7d8-8a72411e7e9e
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Republic of the Marshall Islands
Relevant Countries Republic of the Marshall Islands
Language English
License Public
[Open Data]
Author Ann C. Deines, D. I. G., Ruth R. Harr is, & Laura J. Kells.