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18 October 2023 | dataset

Workshop Presentations and Training Materials

A workshop is being conducted in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands with an overall focus on enhancing climate information and knowledge service for resilience. The gathering, organised through a close collaborative partnership between the RMI Weather Service Office – UNEPCISPac5 national project coordination unit, Climate Change Directorate and SPREP, is uniting a diverse group of national stakeholders. Over the next three days, interactive dialogues and hands-on training sessions all geared towards cataloguing, insightful analysis, and effective sharing of climate data and information utilising the RMI National Environment Data Portal will be conducted. T

The workshop is a testament to the concerted effort that underpins the UNEP CIS-Pac5 project, also known as the "Enhancing Climate Information and Knowledge Services for resilience in 5 island countries of the Pacific Ocean" - a UNEP-led, and Green Climate Fund (GCF) funded initiative. 

The workshop starts on Tuesday 17th and will conclude on Friday, 20 October 2023

Field Value
Publisher UNEPCISPac5
Modified 18 October 2023
Release Date 18 October 2023
Identifier 86c3b3d7-da5f-4422-9d91-dd03d1e4de77
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Republic of the Marshall Islands
Relevant Countries Republic of the Marshall Islands
License Public
[Open Data]
Author RMI Climate Change Directorate, RMI Weather Service Office – UNEPCISPac5 PCU, SPREP
Contact Name Tavita Sua, Thomas Zackious and Lani Milne
Contact Email [email protected]