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25 June 2021 | dataset

Water Quality Analysis, Majuro Atoll, 2011

An analysis report in relation to water quality of Majuro atoll. The results provide useful information in determining the natural composition of the Majuro groundwater for chemical constituents.

Field Value
Publisher Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority (RMIEPA)
Modified 15 February 2022
Release Date 25 June 2021
Identifier a71057e6-c9e3-468c-8526-20a726153877
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Republic of the Marshall Islands
Relevant Countries Republic of the Marshall Islands
Language English
License Shared
[Open Data]
Author Abraham Hicking & Deborah B Manase (MI EPA); Tasleen, H & Peter Sinclair (SOPAC Div, SPC)
Contact Email [email protected]