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25 June 2021 | dataset

RMI Agriculture Sector Plan (2021-2031)

The sector plan provides policy guidelines and direction for the Agriculture Sector to implement programs that will focus on the needs related to increasing agriculture productivity. The Sector Plan also provides a clear direction to the sector to align its objectives in a well-coordinated and integrated approach. The key guiding principles were that the strategy will contribute to the achievement of food security, economic sustainability, social sustainability, and environmental sustainability while valuing public and private partnerships in the implementation of the plan. The plan not only recognizes the needs and aspirations of the diverse stakeholders but also requires the involvement of all relevant stakeholders in the implementation process. There are seven key outputs defined to be achieved over the implementation period:
1. Environmental degradation minimized
2. Sustainable small-livestock production
systems developed and promoted
3. Sustainable crop production systems
developed and promoted
4. Increased consumption of nutritious locally produced
5. Improved biosecurity and marketing
6. Improved capacity of agriculture sector
7. Developed enabling policies/legislations

Under each output, a range of activities, which are interrelated in their effects, will be implemented over the next ten years.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce would like to express our gratitude to the many people who saw us through the development and production of this agriculture sector plan. Our thanks to all those from government entities, NGOs and private sectors who provided support and actively involved in the development of the sector plan, offered comments on drafts, and assisted in the editing, proofreading, and design of the strategy. The plan could not have been produced without their valuable assistance. We wish to acknowledge the efforts made by the team which formulated the plan and carried out stakeholder consultations. We are grateful to Dr. Siosiua Moala Halavatau who led the drafting and also training of our officials. We would also like to acknowledge our very own Chief of Agriculture, Ms. Risa Kabua Myazoe, and the entire Division of Agriculture staff
who had taken all the efforts to finalize this plan. Finally, we acknowledge the contribution of all those whose
names are not mentioned but who have been with us throughout this work.

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Publisher Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce- Agriculture Division
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Release Date 25 June 2021
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