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18 March 2022 | dataset

Namdrik Atoll Ramsar Fact Sheet 2009

Ramsar Wetland Fact Sheet for Namdrik Atoll from 2009-2012.

Namdrik Atoll is an outstanding coral atoll in the Micronesian biogeographic region due to its large size and unlike many other atolls, there are no navigable passes into the central lagoon. It is also unique because unlike many other atolls in the region, it supports mangroves and mangrove depressions. The atoll consists of two islands. Madmad is the smaller island and is situated to the northwest of the site and Namdrik, being the larger island, takes up the eastern and southern parts of the site. Between these two islands is an extensive reef flat where some large coral rocks are found. There are mangrove areas connected to the lagoon and some inland mangrove depressions, some which have permanent water and others which become dry at low tide. Under the two islands there is a subterranean Ghyben-Herzberg water lens which is replenished through rainfall.

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Namdrik Atoll Ramsar Wetland Fact Sheet 2009

Ramsar Wetland Fact Sheet describing Namdrik…

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