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18 October 2023 | dataset

MIR Beach Cleanup Survey

Participants of the Enhancing Climate Information & Knowledge Services for Resilience were introduced to the KoboCollect tool thru the SPREP. After the participants had a firm grasp of the KoboCollect tool, a sample survey was conducted to get hands on experience of the KoboCollect tool.

Field Value
Publisher National Energy Office
Modified 18 October 2023
Release Date 18 October 2023
Identifier 71dd2a10-7da3-48d5-bfab-7b97b7df8166
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Pacific Region, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Relevant Countries Pacific Region, Republic of the Marshall Islands
License Private
[Open Data]
Author National Energy Office
Contact Name Kazutoyo Wase
Contact Email [email protected]