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17 October 2023 | dataset

Ministry of Finance, Banking, and Postal Services

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Ministry of Finance (MOF) was established under the RMI Financial Management Act. It services to be a comprehensive system of public financial management for the RMI to administer all revenue and fiscal functions of the Government of RMI. 

The MOF consists of four divisions and one office. It includes 1) Division of Accounting and Administration, 2) Division of Budget , Procurement, and Supply, 3) Division of Customs, Treasury, Revenue, and Taxation, 4) Divisionrmi of International Development Assistance (DIDA), and the Ebeye Finance Office located in Ebeye Island. 

Field Value
Publisher Ministry of Finance RMI
Modified 17 October 2023
Release Date 17 October 2023
Identifier 4b8b8805-98a3-470a-8513-ba4bdeef6d58
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Pacific Region, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Relevant Countries Pacific Region, Republic of the Marshall Islands
License Public
[Open Data]
Author Mashmet Langbel
Contact Name Mashmet Langbel (Aid Coordinator)
Contact Email [email protected]