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28 March 2022 | dataset

Marshall Islands National Strategic Plan 2020-2030

This NSP is a result of a national consultative process among government ministries and agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the private sector and all relevant stakeholders, and provides a broad consensus on the necessity for Marshallese to clearly define the future of the country. The process provided the basis upon which this NSP: its Vision, Objectives, Context and Strategies were developed.

The NSP is designed as a framework to coordinate the articulated long-term development goals and objectives of the RMI government at the national level. The NSP will be used by government leaders as the Roadmap for development and progress in the long-term (2020–2030) and will be continually updated for use in meeting longer term objectives as the RMI moves forward with meeting national priorities and development objectives.

The NSP will enable RMI government leaders to articulate the direction of priorities over the coming decade, and can now clearly outline the chronological pathway for implementation of national priorities.

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RMI National Strategic Plan 2020-2030

How do we Marshallese envisage our future?…

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Modified 28 March 2022
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