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21 July 2021 | dataset

Allen Coral Atlas

The [Allen Coral Atlas]( combines high resolution satellite imagery, machine learning and field data to produce globally consistent benthic and geomorphic maps of the world's coral reefs. The Atlas is funded primarily by [Vulcan Inc.]( (founded by the late Paul G. Allen); partners include [Planet Labs Inc.](, Arizona State University’s [Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science](, the [National Geographic Society](, and the University of Queensland’s [Remote Sensing Research Center]( (UQ-RSRC).

Recommendation for Citing: Allen Coral Atlas (2020). Imagery, maps and monitoring of the world's tropical coral reefs. Zendodo. [DOI:](

Field Value
Publisher Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
Modified 18 February 2022
Release Date 21 July 2021
Source URL
Identifier d7474a93-7bef-4e13-a282-d56b06933ea8
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Pacific Region
Relevant Countries Pacific Region
License Public
[Open Data]
Contact Name juliec
POD Theme Coastal and Marine