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25 June 2021 | dataset

Adjustment of the typhoon-impacted Nadikdik Atoll, 2014

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Formerly know as the Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination, the Climate Change Directorate has been charged to lead Climate Change work in the Republic.


An academic study on the geomorphic adjustment of Nadikdik Atoll based on the comparison of aerial photographs taken in 1945 and modern satellite imagery, after the devastating typhoon that over-washed and destroyed the atoll in 1905. This study has significant implications for the geomorphic understanding of reef islands, revealing magnitudes of island change not previously recognized.

Data and Resource

Field Value
Publisher Climate Change Directorate
Modified 25 June 2021
Release Date 25 June 2021
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Identifier cc33fe23-d11e-4fe8-8562-8690a84ec289
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Republic of the Marshall Islands
Language English
License Public
[Open Data]
Author Murray. R. Ford & Paul. S Kench
Contact Name Murray R. Ford
Contact Email [email protected]